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Amazing Grace: Some Early Tunes

Cowper and Newton Museum

The Cowper and Newton Museum is located in Olney, England, where John Newton, author of "Amazing Grace" lived and worked. It is housed in Orchard Side, the home of the eighteenth century poet, letter-writer and classical scholar William Cowper who collaborated with John Newton in the writing of Olney Hymns. The website gives information on the life of both of these men and their ministry in Olney along with a page dedicated to the hymn "Amazing Grace."


Library of Congress: Amazing Grace

"Since its creation in 1779 in England, "Amazing Grace" has grown in popularity to become one of the best-known hymns in America. Explore its history from the earliest printing of the song to various performances of it on sound recordings. Search an online catalog of the Chasanoff/Elozua Amazing Grace Collection which comprises published recorded performances of the hymn by more than 3000 different musicians or ensembles." (from the LOC website)

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